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"Composing is like having the ability to tap into other people's souls."

You have already set yourself a standard of quality and expect all of the elements of your project to do the same. What you need is something that goes beyond the norm, that resonates deep within your audience. Music has the power to create intense emotional responses with all that hear it. Together, we can make those responses the right ones.




Drew Berry

BAFTA and Emmy Winning Animator

Duncan created powerful music to picture for the global celebration of 150 years of Mendel's scientfic genius simulcast in 19 countries!

Zivan Novotny

Director - Palace Film Festival

Duncan's score for Murnau's silent classic Sunrise was the talking point of our festival. When the orchestra struck up, the audience fell in love with them!

Simon Meek

BAFTA Winner - The Secret Project

Creating music to evoke "1914" was essential for the atmosphere of our game. Duncan didn't just do this, he built a musical time machine and actually took our gamers there.

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