Arrows of Time – Third Movement - Creatio

A libretto taken from 51 years of words spoken by the Doctor translated and transformed into Latin. A fulldome planetarium show exploring themes of potential, chaos and disorder, creation, the fourth and fifth dimension, parallel universes and contemplation.

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Haunter of the Dark — A Drone Piece.

Exploring the Lovecraftian world of presence and absence. The dark matter that occupies the spaces between this world and the next. A non-physical manifestation that touches us in the moments when our fear overtakes us. Lonely yet present. Non-corporeal yet tactile. The nature of being and the nature of non-existence.

Mendel: The Legacy — The Well-Tempered Genotype.

A video-mapping multimedia extravaganza projected on the Augustinian Abbey where Mendel conducted his research and simultaneously on scientific institutions worldwide. Featuring animation by Emmy and BAFTA winning animator Drew Berry accompanied by a live orchestral and choral score by Duncan Hendy.

The Frozen Cottage

Desperation, fear, desire - all frozen in time and space. String quartet and choir. A frame-by-frame exposure of the futility of life but the strength of emotion. Despite the obstacles, rugged determination in a bleak landscape. One man's escape is another man's imprisonment, resulting in the ultimate release.


© 2021 by Duncan Hendy