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"Composing is like having the ability to tap into the soul of others."


I like to define myself through the language of collaboration, be it my clients' projects, the audience, the performance space or the artists I work with. It's not about constructing boundaries; it's about proving there are none. The fun is surprising and delighting those you work with. Because, when you constantly go beyond what you and those around you dream is possible, you do not just meet project expectations, you exceed them. I love exploring music as a means of communication, with its ability to represent narrative, imagery and abstract ideas.


I graduated in music from Dartington Hall in the UK in 1997 and also have an MA in composition. I am now based in Brno in the Czech Republic. In 2010, I first worked with the Brno Filharmonie, composing a new orchestral score, commissioned for the Palace Film Festival, for Murnau’s 1928 silent masterpiece, Sunrise, with live performances in Prague and Brno.


I also compose for co-authored audio-visual installations for art galleries and public spaces, with my VJ colleague David Konecny, as Stranger in the Alps. These include Silent Sirens, Obtuse Angles and a planetarium 3D fulldome show, Arrows of Time - a Tribute to Doctor Who, which I also authored. I write music for computer games and other multi-media formats and am the author of seven books.

I concentrate a lot of my work on sound design and electronic manipulated music. I am currently working with the next phase of Stranger in the Alps.

List of notable compositions:


Sunrise - full orchestra - 2010

Trip to the Moon - full orchestra & Theremin - 2010

The Unknown - oboe and string quartet - 2011

The Last Rites - electronic soundtrack - 2012

Beyond the Beyond - electronic soundtrack - 2012

The 39 Steps - computer game soundtrack - 2013

Silent Sirens - chamber orchestra & piano - 2013

Arrows of Time - string quartet & choir fulldome show- 2014

Obtuse Angles - string quartet and choir - 2015

The Well-tempered Genotype - full orchestra and choir - 2015

Persistence of Sound and Vision - cello, tape & sound design- 2017

Frozen Logic - temporal orchestra & shakuhachi - 2017

Muruch - for alto flute and piano - 2018

Obtuse Re-imagined - piano quintet and electronics - 2019

Somewhere I Have Travelled Glady Beyond - string quartet - 2020

Gregor Mendel Revisited - orchestra and choir - 2021

KS Suite - computer game soundtrack - 2022

Timely Death - EP - 2022

All Modular Cons - EP - 2023

Be Careful What You Crave - EP - 2023

Terrestrial Moonscapes - EP - 2024

Beware the Hive Mind - Single - 2024

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